Medical Data Carrier

The simplest ideas are always the best and The Medical Data Carrier is exactly that.

MDC in packaging

Obviously, we all know that carrying ID with emergency contact / medical details on, is a very wise thing to do when you are taking part in any outdoor activity (cycling/motor cycling/kayaking/climbing/skiing or horse riding etc)… but how many of us actually do?

Congratulations to those who do but how easy is it for someone else to see / find / access?

If it’s in your pocket under a couple of layers or round your wrist, hidden by your glove, or in a back pack then there’s always a chance it won’t serve its intended purpose.

Medical Data Carrier is always highly visible and easy to access; as long as you’ve got your helmet on …

MDC on bike helmet

The kit contains a waterproof synthetic paper ‘slip’. Fill the slip out with as much or as little information as you choose (contact details, medical history, etc. to assist first responders with the crucial triage stage of the wearer’s care), pop it into the waterproof, self adhesive pouch and stick it to your helmet … simple & effective…there’s even a pencil included.

The manufacturer uses a non-exothermic adhesive which means that the Medical Data Carrier is safe on all helmet surfaces.

All the UK ambulance services are aware of the Medical Data Carrier, so they should be on the look-out if you find yourself in their hands.

However, if someone else finds you, the outside of the pouch makes it very clear what’s inside.

The Medical Data Carrier is available directly from our shop page for £5.99 + 69p p & p. Please message us for further details. Bulk orders will have combined postage to reduce costs where ever possible.


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